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About Jeanette, the founder of Military Spouse Education

Hi! I’m Jeanette and education has always been important to me. As a military spouse education advocate I am working to serve spouses in navigating the process of using their benefits. I’m a teacher and help my students prepare and get into college. I take my own education very seriously and as a military spouse am hoping to help you too! 

When my spouse was on active duty I already had a Master’s degree and didn’t think the MyCAA scholarship could help anyone that had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Then I found out I was wrong. As I kept researching I continued to uncover more misinformation, was targeted by for-profit college scams, and had difficulty finding quality programs. The military has great resources but I just wished I didn’t have to spend all those hours to learn all the rules and find the right program for me. However once I did I used every cent of the MyCAA scholarship on high value certificates and licenses that advanced my career. 

I found a lot of misconceptions about MyCAA and military education benefits. I started Military Spouse Education to make the process easier with simple how-to guides. 

My mission is to give real, honest, and unbiased advice and recommendations on quality education programs that fit a spouse’s individual needs. I am here to help educate you on the process and how you can make the most of your military spouse education benefits. 

Now, my spouse is a disabled veteran and I am navigating using DEA Chapter 35 and am finding a lot more misinformation! Follow my blog for all of the updates on MyCAA and DEA Chapter 35. This site is especially for active duty and disabled veteran spouses. Join the Motivated Milspouse Facebook group or follow me on Instagram. 

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Jeanette is the Military Education Specialist for MilsoMuster, the #1 app for military families.

She is a guest writer on education topics for It’s a Military Life. 

She was featured on the PS We Have Orders podcast, season 2 episode 1.