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This past weekend while out with my husband I got to watch Auburn University’s college football team on television. I’m from the South and Auburn has always been known as one of the best both academically and in sports. While watching the game I grew curious to find out how military friendly they are as a school. I decided to research what MyCAA programs they offer for military spouses.  

Auburn University is a regionally accredited public four year university and according to the U.S. News and World Report is a top 50 public university in the nation. It is located in Auburn, Alabama and has a name with a reputation that is recognized all over the United States. 

Auburn is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Regional accreditation is the best accreditation to have. It shows their academics have been reviewed and meet the standard for quality education in the United States. 


As I was researching Auburn I found that they have a solid background in being military friendly. They also have programs designed to help active duty military spouses get portable careers using the MyCAA scholarship. 

But first- what is MyCAA?

 MyCAA stands for My Career Advancement Account. It is a $4,000 scholarship for active duty military spouses provided by the Department of Defense. Your spouse must be in the ranks of E1-E5, O1-O2, or W1-W2, and on Title 10 orders. 


What I think is the most military friendly of Auburn University’s MyCAA programs is that the courses are 4-6 months long and are self-paced. This is really important as we all know military spouses juggle so much in our day to day lives. Traditional classes with set meeting times or looming deadlines can only add to that stress. Self paced programs are ideal for many military spouses.


What programs does Auburn University offer for MyCAA beneficiaries?

There are a lot of options to choose from, and I recommend when browsing their programs to look at what national certifications they offer. The programs prepare you to sit for these national exams, so you are getting more than just a certificate from Auburn out of your MyCAA benefits. You also are getting certifications from organizations that are specialized in the area of study you are doing. 


For example, if you study to become a paralegal you don’t just get a Paralegal Studies Certificate from Auburn University. You also get to take an exam to become a certified Paralegal Professional from the National Workforce Career Association. 


The MyCAA programs at Auburn University aren’t just for those starting out in their chosen career field, however. If you visit their website they have made it easy to find a program that could work for you. They have identified whether the program is for just starting out in the field or more advanced if you already have experience. Their Software, Informational Technology, and Web Development programs vary from entry-level, intermediate, and advanced depending on your level of proficiency. 

If you want to see a program that can help you get an administrative support job on base, read this blog post about the Administrative Assistant with Bookkeeping at Auburn University. 

 MyCAA programs that offer on-the-job experience opportunities.

Something unique about these MyCAA programs is that they offer an externship. What the externship does is find a placement for you in your specialized area of study to get on-the-job experience. Hands-on experience helps build your resume and gives you a feel for the type of career you want. Externships can certainly lead to employment opportunities. What is also military friendly about the externship is that if you are doing the program while you are stationed overseas, you can complete the externship when you move back to the U.S. We all know that we learn by doing, and the externship gets you that real world experience. 


It’s not often that you see a major four year college like Auburn University, with televised Saturday football games, considering the needs of all different types of students, including military spouses. The MyCAA focused programs at Auburn have really considered the finer details of challenges we face in going back to school. 


If you qualify for MyCAA and are looking for a quality program, you can reach out to Howard at the button below. He can provide all the information you need to see if any courses suit you!

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