How to Use the MyCAA Scholarship for a Master’s Degree and/or Graduate School


“Can I use MyCAA on a Master’s degree?”

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MyCAA Master's degree

Do you want to get a Master’s degree and qualify for MyCAA? Are you an active duty military spouse that already has a bachelor’s degree? Do you qualify for the $4,000 MyCAA scholarship but are not sure if it can help you because you already have a 4 year diploma? Do you want to know how to use MyCAA for graduate school? 


I’m happy to share that I can help. In this article you will find out ways to use the MyCAA scholarship if you have a bachelor’s degree and want to continue your education to the master’s level. 


The good news:

You can do graduate work using MyCAA. This can help you work towards a Master’s degree. 

But let’s start from the beginning: What is the MyCAA scholarship?

MyCAA is a $4,000 scholarship from the Department of Defense specifically for active duty military spouses. Your spouse must be in the ranks of E1-E5, O1-O2, or W1-W2. You must be their legal spouse and registered in DEERS to qualify. Every branch of the military now qualifies for MyCAA.  


Before you get started: what you need to know

I am going to first start by sharing that you need to foremost be aware of scams. If you’re reading this you have most likely already gone to college and know how it goes. But there are a lot of scams that offer worthless certificates, use deceitful marketing tactics, and have websites that look very legitimate. The most important thing is to look for regionally accredited schools that are nonprofit institutions.

Also another thing to know is that MyCAA will NOT reimburse you. If you pay for any tuition or test out of pocket you will never ever be reimbursed or get that money back.  If a school ever asks you to pay for tuition out of pocket, it is a scam! MyCAA pays the school directly on your behalf. Also MyCAA only pays for tuition. It does not pay for books, childcare, parking, or any fees such as application fees.

Let’s get into it: How to use MyCAA for a Master’s degree and/or graduate school.

you  MyCAA only allows “degrees” that are up to an Associate’s degree.
However, they also have approved programs that include certificates and licenses.
Here is the hack: There are graduate certificates!

Graduate certificates help build your resume and can give you an additional specialty you may not have previously had. 

Licensures can help open new professions or help you gain more qualifications in your current profession. It can also help you take licensure exams.

But what if all I really want is a Masters degree?

In my book I go over how there are ways to upgrade a graduate certificate to a Masters degree, it just takes plenty of forethought. I’ve done a ton of research on this and lost a lot of valuable time trying to figure out what is the best way to use the MyCAA benefits for graduate school.

I completely understand wanting a Master’s degree.

You have an amazing scholarship opportunity of $4,000 with MyCAA that could really put a dent in your graduate school costs and wish it could get you there. With the right education goal, planning ahead, and finding the right program for you it is possible.

From my personal experience as a teacher, I was able to earn 33 quarter credits and 1 semester credit, all at the graduate level! These post-bachelor’s degree studies helped me advance in my career and negotiate a higher salary. I earned two graduate certificates and was able to add an additional endorsement to my teaching license. It made me able to apply to even more jobs that I previously was not qualified for.

The importance of choosing the right school:

The reality: not all schools are equal. Especially when it comes to earning a Master’s degree and doing graduate level work! You want the school you attend to be an asset, not a liability.  


What is even better? I used it at a well-recognized, accredited, and well-respected school. A school that stood out and was an asset on my resume. Not a low value, overpriced, or deceitful program that only saw a military spouse as a dollar sign. They were professional, worked with me quickly, and knew exactly what to do to help me in my unique situation. I’m here to help other military spouses find the right school and program for their needs. Contact me now to get started.

I highly recommend using MyCAA to your advantage, and to not be discouraged. As with everything in the military, there are hoops to jump through but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for your situation.


How to get started using MyCAA for graduate work that can lead to a Master’s degree:  

The career counselors at Military One Source can answer your questions. *Please note I am not associated with the Department of Defense or MyCAA. All opinions are my own.* The people at Military One Source and the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities (SECO) are really great. But they can only tell you if a program is approved or not. They can’t give advice on what specific school to go to. They can’t tell you “I don’t think that will fit your lifestyle” or “You won’t be able to finish that on time”, “That school has hidden costs”, or “Hey, I think that school is a scam”. That’s what I’m here to help with.

The search might feel overwhelming but it can also be part of the fun realizing you have MyCAA to pay for what you need, you just have to find the right fit and the right program that meets your timeline. Factors that affect your timeline are if your spouse is getting discharged, or will no longer be active duty (on Title 10 orders), or if they are getting promoted out of the ranks that qualify (E1-E5, O1-O2, W1-W2).

Are you working on a tight timeline? So was I. I know it can be stressful and you don’t have time to waste. I have created a system that helps you identify your timeline and how a program can fit your lifestyle. Let me help you get started.

In summary: Yes you can use the $4,000 MyCAA scholarship on graduate school to work towards a Master’s degree. No, you cannot technically use it on a Masters degree. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do a Master’s or graduate level certificate program. If you plan ahead, you might be able to upgrade your graduate certificate to a Master’s degree. It takes a lot of planning ahead and looking at all of your options. Also, you can use it on professional licenses that can advance your career. It can help with taking tests or exams as well. You have endless options, and I’m happy to help! Contact me below!


Here’s another blog post about using the MyCAA scholarship if you already have a bachelor’s degree. 

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