How to use the MyCAA Scholarship: A Guide For Active Duty Military Spouses


This is a simple, virtual product.



Book is forthcoming! To be published August 15th, 2021.

How to navigate using MyCAA in the way that best meets your needs. Tips and advice for getting the most out of every dollar of the $4,000 scholarship, and how to use your military spouse education benefits if you are on a short timeline. You also explore interests and there are multiple worksheets for identify your needs. For the first buyers it will also come with a free education consultation where I can give you advice.

What makes this book different? Though Military One Source can inform you of your benefits and answer your questions, they cannot give recommendations for specific programs, tell if you a program is a scam, or give a positive or negative opinion of a specific school. But that’s what I can do!

Note: I am not associated with the Department of Defense nor the the Department of Veteran Affairs. Opinions are my own and information is as current as known prior to publication date.


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